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KCFW Model Squad Part I

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 There are only 3 weeks until we debut our Fall/Winter '18 collection at Kansas City Fashion Week. Each week we are introducing you to our strong and fierce models who serve as the inspiration for our collection. 

We asked each of our models to tell us what makes them feel the most confident and this is what they had to say. 



Shelby Her by Georgina Herrera x KCFW

"I feel most beautiful when I put in a little extra effort that day just for myself, self-love is major to me. Accepting who I am and loving my unique self-makes me feel strong, bold and beautiful. "


Maddison Her by Georgina Herrera x KCFW

“I’m confident on the runway while working with a supportive group of designers and models who make me feel like I belong and can be myself around.”


Taylor Her by Georgina Herrera x KCFW

The most powerful I’ve ever felt was my first time walking on a runway. The feeling of all eyes on you, showing off a beautiful design in a unique way is indescribable. The designer puts so much work into their brand, making sure it fits each individual perfectly. That in itself makes me feel confident and fierce. 


Izzy Her by Georgina Herrera x KCFW

What makes me feel most strong is knowing myself and understanding what my strengths and weaknesses are. Being able to set realistic goals for myself is something that truly empowers me. I know what I can and cannot do, and I will work around it. 

I have always been told that I am too tall. Being a 6'1" female in the real world has its ups and downs, but I have learned to embrace it. It makes me feel confident when I walk into a room and I know I'm the tallest person. 

I try and feel beautiful every single day. I think that is something that is very important to a young woman, knowing that she is beautiful and that she has a bright future ahead. Young women need to be reminded of how beautiful and smart they are so that they never lose hope for themselves. 


If you want to attend our collection debut, tickets for Kansas City Fashion Week are available at We will be showing on Saturday, March 31st.

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