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KCFW Model Squad Part II

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There are only 2 weeks until we debut our Fall/Winter '18 collection at Kansas City Fashion Week. Each week we are introducing you to our strong and fierce models who serve as the inspiration for our collection. 

We asked each of our models to tell us what makes them feel the most confident and this is what they had to say. 



Georgina Herrera x KCFW

"Strong - Strong, Tough, Powerful, Influential, and Fierce. Yes, I am all of that. I feel most my strength as a Mother! I am not your average mother, I am a single mother. Many people can envision many different scenarios when they hear single parent. And that's just fine. I balance a lot, and I do it all while attempting to make it look easy. As a parent, many people place their goals and dreams aside for the sake of their children. Not me, I'm fitting them in. It all comes down to how bad do you want the success? Are you willing to make a few sacrifices? Failure is not an option for me. I feel strong in knowing that I have overcome many obstacles. And grace in knowing that one day my child will look to me with eyes of inspiration by my strength and courageous story! I am Stacie Lo! 

Confident - I feel confident when I think of my journey throughout the modeling/acting industry. I began with zero knowledge of the industry and very little support. The modeling that you see today, is not the same modeling when I began seven years ago. Personally, I feel that now anyone can become a model. When I began seven years ago I studied the industry down to a science. I spent hours of reading, searching the net for answers, learning and practicing posing etiquettes, I researched agencies all across the U.S. just to learn more about each market. I attended few workshops and became a pro at spotting the scams from legitimate modeling opportunities. I never let the negative self-talk of height, beauty, color, and geographical location stop me. I never let the inappropriate sexual misconduct that I experienced early in my modeling journey stop me, I never gave up. And I consistently remind myself of my "Why". My Confidence has kept me on track and has even rewarded me with a talent agency that equally believes in my value to the market. 
Bold - I felt the boldest when I took a week-long trip to New York a few years back. It was just a girlfriend, and I. I created the entire itinerary for our trip, which I made certain that I'd added networking in while visiting the city of my dreams - The Big Apple. Once we arrived not only did I feel at home, but I felt a sense of "I" did it. I made this entire trip possible and planned it from the ground up despite the criticism that previously surrounded me. Nothing personal, these were just people concerned about safety, and the expensive nature of trekking in New York City. (They meant well). Two out of the seven days I worked with professionals in both New Jersey and New York! I had the time of my life! I was modeling and I even had the privilege to shoot a short promo video of me working my craft in the center of Times Square. I love everything about a camera and a good pose. But not only was I modeling. I was modeling in New York. And because of my ambition, dream, and fearless attempt. I did it. And I did it successfully. I networked with some very talented East Coast individuals. And at that moment I knew "If I could make it here, I can make it anywhere." True Words recited by the talented Alicia Keys! I have to say it again, "New York."
Beautiful - I feel beautiful in knowing that I can wear my natural hair and still be accepted in the modeling industry. There has been a strong stigma in the modeling community surrounding those of color because of our textured natural hair, curls, afros, and etc. For a long time, the majority of professionals would wear their hair in straight more manageable styles in order to get the job, or to be selected by a designer they had to have the "look". They had to conform.  Sometimes I wear my hair straight, sometimes I add extensions, I plan to soon add color. But I feel most beautiful when I get to represent my natural God-given hair and texture at shoots and on projects, and clients still being pleased with my appearance. I feel that as the industry progresses more women/men of textured hair patterns will feel more confident in letting their natural hair down or up. Depending on the day depends on how textured hair will stand. Haha. I'm being serious. To add, its empowering to watch other young girls and models coming up and me being able to use my successful career as an example that it's okay to be confident in who you are. Even if you're standing alone. Own it! I speak with humility when I refer to my career and all of the opportunities that it has brought to my life! Especially the opportunity to truly begin the journey of self-love. "


Georgina Herrera x KCFW

What makes me feel the most confident and beautiful is taking time to myself and reflecting on who I have become. I think that confidence represents beauty and strength. 


Georgina Herrera x KCFW

" I feel bold when I am doing my own thing and taking risks that allow me to grow as a person. Being on the runway wearing a piece of a designer's hard work,  surrounded by other strong women makes me feel like anything can be accomplished. My determination, creativity, passion for horses, and intelligence are what have made me confident. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel confident and beautiful. I feel truly beautiful when I am laughing and being myself."


Georgina Herrera x KCFW


"And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears."  

If you want to attend our collection debut, tickets for Kansas City Fashion Week are available at We will be showing on Saturday, March 31st.

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