Georgina Jewelry

Signature Gold Mother Pearl Resin Band Ring

$ 139

The signature gold mother pearl resin band rings are handcrafted in high-quality 24k gold vermeil. Create a unique asymmetric look by pairing it with one of our other styles available in coral, turquoise, blue cobalt, onyx, and mother pearl. Made in Mexico.

 Thin Gold:
Weight: .015lbs/6.6g
Diameter: 1in/2.5cm
Width: .1 in/.5 cm

Thin Resin:
Weight: .018lbs/8.3g
Diameter: 1in/9cm
Width: .2in/1cm

Thick Resin:
Weight: .030lbs/13.4g
diameter: 0.9 in/2cm
Width: .5 in/1cm


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